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Involved in the UK Barbeque market, join the National BBQ Association!

The National BBQ Association exisits to promote Better BBQ'ing across the UK. Having been responsible over the last eleven years for the dynamic growth from around 150 million in 1997 to a level of around 3 billion in 2006, also increasing the overall number of BBQ occassions to 110 million and making the UK, Europe's biggest BBQ nation. (Mintel 2002-06).

The National BBQ Association also created, owns and controls the annual UK National BBQ promotion, which is now Europe's biggest BBQ promotion. As a result of the success of this event which is now in it's 11th year, the National BBQ Association has subsequently launched National BBQ Weeks in Ireland, Holland and Belgium.

The National BBQ Association's mission is to help continue the growth of the BBQ market and to protect the interests of those manufacturers or retailers, whether food, drink or hardware who are involved in or market to the BBQ sector.

Individual consumer membership is also available.

11th National BBQ - Gastro Alfresco event
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Brian George or Penny Brealey

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Visit our 11th National BBQ - Gastro Alfresco'07 website



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